About Us

Established in 2008,Bamboo Curtains and Blinds Pvt Ltd is a professional blinds solution company to provide quality window screening services. We give attention to every detail of customer requirements which makes us different from the rest in the field. Our experienced, qualified and disciplined staff will make sure that our clients’ needs are properly addressed and suitable services are provided in shortest possible time.

In keeping with ever changing needs and demands of the industry, our company is always striving to develop new products and designs. We are fully focused on this aspect and have dedicated ourselves to achieve our goals in this regard.

Woven Bamboo Blinds
Bamboo Curtains


Our company is engaged in manufacturing and marketing curtains and blinds using various imported high quality raw materials while our main focus is on Eco-friendly bamboo and wood blinds.

All our products are manufactured by a highly trained and experienced work force to maintain high end product quality standards to cater the window screening needs for star class hotels, restaurants, corporates and residential sector.


To be the most innovative and creative window screening services provider of highest quality in Sri Lanka.


To expand services with innovative product development, approaching new customers through the existing satisfied clients while maintaining exceptional service standards.